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Volume Converter

Volume Converter is an online tool used by individuals to convert volume measurements which includes gallon litre barrel cubic feet cup tablespoonpint and other metric units. Volume as we all know is the amount of space consumed by a three-dimensional object liquid or gas. The tool provides quick answers to your calculation and conversion needs.

How Do I Convert Units of Volume?

Converting units of volume is not a tedious task and the first step to get it right is to know the conversion ratio which is the rate of one unit to another. Once the right ratio is reached multiply the value you want to convert by the conversion ratio.

What Are The Conversion Units For Volume Converters?

The conversion units for volume converters are Barrels (oil) (bbl (oil)) Barrels (UK) (bbl) Barrels (US) Board Feet Bushels (UK) (bu) Bushels (US) (bu) Centiliters (cL) Cubic Centimeters (cm3 cc) Cubic Decimeter (dm3) Cubic Feet (ft3) Cubic Inches (in3) Cubic Meters (m3) Cubic Yards (yd3) Cups (Metric) Cups (Imperial) Cups (US) Deciliters (dL) Dekaliters (daL) Dram (dr) Fluid Ounces (UK) (fl oz) Fluid Ounces (US) (fl oz) Gallons (UK) (gal) Gallons (US) Gills (UK) (gi) Hectoliters (hL) Kiloliters (kL) Liters (L) Milliliters (mL) Peck (UK) (pk) Peck (US) (pk) Pints (UK) (pt) Pints (US) (pt) Quarts (UK) (qt) Quarts (US dry) (dry qt) Quarts (US) (qt) Tablespoons (Metric) Tablespoons (Imperial) Tablespoons (US) Teaspoons (Metric) Teaspoons (Imperial) Teaspoons (US)