PUG to HTML Converter

PUG to HTML Converter is an online tool that works to convert PUG white-space sensitive syntax to HTML. It also allows saving and sharing of PUG. PUG to HTML is a handy tool for users who intend to create dynamic websites and web applications.

The Features of PUG to HTML

PUG to HTML works to convert PUG or text-based template language to HTML. It gives room for PUG loading which automatically convert to HTML. To achieve this simply enter the URL and submit. PUG to HTML allows PUG loading which then converts to Hyper Text Markup Language. PUG to HTML Online is compatible with MAC Windows Linux Firefox Chrome Edge and Safari among others.

What is PUG?

PUG is a high-performance template engine which is mostly influenced by HTML and basically implemented with JavaScript for Node.js and browsers. It is a modern template engine that has features such as built-in variables filters and inheritance. PUG can also be used to build sites and apps that are complex easily and fastly. While building this it makes use of less code than many other frameworks like Angular or Bootstrap. PUG was popularly known as JADE before PUG.

Example of PUG

PUG Template Try it.

    h1 h1 State Farm 😎
    h2 h2 Berkshire Hathaway
    h3 h3 Progressive Group
    h4 h4 Liberty Mutual
    h5 h5 Allstate
    h6 h6 Travelers Group

Converted HTML

<h1>h1 State Farm 😎</h1>
<h2>h2 Berkshire Hathaway</h2>
<h3>h3 Progressive Group</h3>
<h4>h4 Liberty Mutual</h4>
<h5>h5 Allstate</h5>
<h6>h6 Travelers Group</h6>

For Advanced Users

PUG External URL

Load PUG External URL in Browser URL like this https://www.fancytextconverter.com/pug-to-html-converter?url=external-url


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