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UTF8 Converter is an online tool that works to convert HTML to plain text. What’s more? This tool is compatible with all browsers for saving and sharing the encoded text. Let’s dive a little into the meaning of UTF8.

What is UTF8?

UTF8 is a form of character encoding that represents all characters in the Unicode Standard. UTF8 is known to be widely used on the web among developers since it is the default character encoding for HTML5. One important factor of UTF8 is its ability to support the full range of Unicode characters and at the same time be backward compatible with ASCII. This means that users can use UTF8 to encode any form of character in the Unicode standard. However if a user only needs to encode ASCII characters the UTF8 will take the same amount of space the ASCII would. UTF8 works to encode each Unicode character as a sequence of 1 to 4 bytes while ASCII characters are only encoded as 1 byte. Basically UTF8 can encode any and all possible characters or code points in Unicode.

The Features of the UTF8 Converter Online

UTF8 works to convert HTML or TEXT data to UTF8-encoded data. UTF8 Converter gives room for string data URL loading which automatically converts to UTF8. To achieve this simply click on the URL button and submit. UTF8 Converter allows loading data files to convert to UTF8. UTF8 Converter Online is compatible with MAC Windows Linux Firefox Chrome Edge and Safari among others.

Example of Text

Plain Text Try it.


Converted UTF8 Text


For Advanced Users

UTF8 External URL

Load UTF8 External URL in Browser URL like this https://www.fancytextconverter.com/utf8-converter?url=external-url


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