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This is an online tool for individuals to use whenever they want to edit view and format Extensible Markup Language (XML). It serves various functions other than editing and it includes serving as XML Viewer Formatter Editor and Validator. XML file format was created to store and transport data without being dependent on software or hardware tools and its popularity is due to it being both human as well as machine readable.

What Can Be Done with an Online XML Editor?

beautify/format your XML. display your XML in a tree view. used as XML Pretty Print. minify your XML. Used as XML Editor validate your XML and show an error. convert your XML into JSON format. export your XML to CSV format. Hover on the image URL and XML Viewer will display the image. save your XML and Share it on social sites. XML File Viewer supports uploading the file.

How Do I Use an Online XML Editor?

Paste or type your sample in the left-sided box Click on TreeView and wait for your result to be displayed in the opposite box If that doesn’t work you can use the Upload option or Load via URL

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