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Angle Converter

Angle Converter is an online unit converter that allows quick and accurate conversion between angles. It is one among the numerous unit converters that converts between many units of measure from one system to another. The online angle units converter converts between angle units. The units include; degrees minutes of arc and seconds of arc; degrees (deg); radians (rad); gradians (gon); turns (tr); π radians (*π rad); minutes of arc (arcmin); seconds of arc (arcsec); milliradians (mrad); and microradians (μrad).

What is an Angle?

An angle is a figure formed by two rays that share a starting point called a vertex. There are different types of angles and they include Obtuse - 90 - 180°/½π - π Acute - 0 - 90°/0-½π Right - 90°/½π Reflex - 180 -360°/π-2π straight - 180°/π Full - 360°/2π An angle is measured in degrees radians turns and gradians.

What is a Radian and How Do I Convert Degrees to Radians?

The radian is the SI unit for measuring angles and a radian is equal to about 57.2958 degrees which is the angle that creates an arc equal to the length of the radius R. A full turn is equal to 2π and that shows why the circumference equals 2πR. The degree to radian fórmula is; radians = π/180° Likewise the radians to degrees formula is degrees = 180°/π Other fórmulas are Decimal degrees = degrees + minutes/60 + seconds/3600 Degrees to turns formula: turn = degrees / 360° Radians to turns equation: turn = radians / 2π. Degrees to gradians formula is: gradians = ⁹⁄₁₀ × degrees Radians to gradians = π/200 × radians Turns to gradians = ¹⁄₄₀₀ × turns