Frequency Converter


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Frequency Converter

This is a tool used to convert a frequency value into different measurement units and display conversion scale in relation to the converted value. Frequency as we all know is defined as the number of cycles completed in a unit period of time where the SI unit for frequency which is the Hertz equals 1 cycle per second. Frequency is measured in different applications which includes; Light Waves Electromagnetism Resonance Sound Waves Rotational Motion Electricity The SI unit for frequency is Hertz (Hz) and its prefix units are yoctohertz (yHz) – 1 x 10-24 Hz zepto hertz (zHz) – 1 x 10-21 Hz attohertz (aHz) – 1 x 10-18 Hz femto hertz (fHz) – 1 x 10-15 Hz picohertz (pHz) – 1 x 10-12 Hz nanohertz (nHz) – 0.000000001 Hz microhertz (µHz) – 0.000001 Hz millihertz (mHz) – 0.001 Hz centihertz (cHz) – 0.01 Hz decihertz (dHz) – 0.1 Hz hertz (Hz) – 1 Hz decahertz (daHz) – 10 Hz hectohertz (hHz) – 100 Hz kilohertz (kHz) – 1000 Hz megahertz (MHz) – 1000000 Hz gigahertz (GHz) – 1000000000 Hz terahertz (THz) – 1 x 10+12 Hz petahertz (PHz) – 1 x 10+15 Hz exahertz (EHz) – 1 x 10+18 Hz zettahertz (ZHz) – 1 x 10+21 Hz yottahertz (YHz) – 1 x 10+24 Hz

How Do I Use a Frequency Converter?

Select Frequency Unit to be converted and input the frequency Select the Unit to be converted to Click on Convert and wait for your results to be displayed.