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CSV Escape/Unescape

This is an easy-to-use online tool for developers and programmers to escape or unescape certain texts in the Comma Separated Values (CSV) which implies removing traces of offending characters that could prevent parsing. The tool was created to help with escaping and unescaping special characters in CSV. It has a simple interface which is easy to understand and navigate to get the desired results.

What Characters are Replaced?

CSV string with Escape or Unescape returns string value enclosed in double quotes if required. If a value contains a comma a newline character or a double quote then the string must be enclosed in double quotes. E.g: Newline char in this field \n A double quote must be escaped with another double quote. E.g: The double quote character is offensive.

CSV Advantages

CSV is human readable and easy to edit manually. CSV is simple to implement and parse. CSV is processed by almost all existing applications. CSV provides a straightforward information schema. CSV is faster to handle. CSV is smaller in size. CSV is considered to be a standard format. CSV is compact. For XML you start tag and end tag for each column in each row. In CSV you write the column headers only once. CSV is easy to generate.

CSV Disadvantages

CSV allows us to move most basic data only. Complex configurations cannot be imported and exported this way. There is no distinction between text and numeric values. No standard way to represent binary data. Problems with importing CSV into SQL (no distinction between NULL and quotes). Poor support of special characters. No standard way to represent control characters. Lack of universal standard.

How Do I Use the CSV Escape & Unescape Online Tool?

Enter your String in the left-sided box Click on Escape/Unescape depending on what you want to do Wait for your result to be displayed in the right-sided box Copy to your clipboard and use as you want.

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