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CSV to XML & JSON Converter

The CSV to XML Converter is an online tool used by developers to convert Comma Separated Values data into Extensible Markup Language (XML) which is a simple text-based format for representing structured information: documents data configuration books transactions invoices and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) which has become the de facto computer format readable by humans to store structured data. Also it is used to save and share CSV with XML & JSON. The tool’s interface is easy to navigate and makes it easy for users to work on and get results in seconds.

What Can Be Done With a CSV to XML & JSON Converter?

Convert from CSV to XML & JSON without hassle

This tool allows loading the CSV URL which loads CSV and generates XML & JSON strings by clicking on the URL button entering the URL and submitting. This tool supports loading the CSV File to transform to XML & JSON by clicking on the Upload button and selecting File. An added bonus is that the tool works on various browsers such as Safari Edge Firefox and Safari. It also works on different devices which includes Windows MAC and Linux.

How Can I Use the CSV to XML & JSON Converter?

Type or paste your text in the Input box Select the preferred format to be converted to. Automatically it provides accurate results in the box below or adjacent. Once you get the desired result copy to your clipboard.

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