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DNS Lookup

This is an online tool for developers programmers and individuals alike which serves the function of querying Domain Name System records of a given domain name. Typically it refers to the process of converting easy to remember names called domain names into numbers called IP addresses.

How Does DNS Lookup Work?

There are 4 different types of DNS servers involved when performing a DNS lookup. Each DNS server type has a different role to play and may not all be required under certain circumstances. Recursive Resolver - This is the DNS server that your computer or device communicates with. This DNS server is typically issued to you automatically by your service provider and is geographically located nearby in order to return results as fast as possible. This server will cache DNS record data in order to speed up future DNS lookup requests. Root Name Server - The root name server is responsible for returning the IP address of the TLD nameserver. For example when resolving example.com the root name server will return the IP address of the TLD name server responsible for .com domain names. TLD Name Server - The Top Level Domain (TLD) name server is responsible for returning the authoritative name servers for all domains under the TLD it is responsible for. The .com TLD name server will return results for example.com but not example.org. Authoritative Nameserver - This is the DNS server for actually storing the DNS configuration data of a domain name.

What Can Be Done With DNS Lookup?

view all configured DNS records like NS A CNAME MX TXT AAAA SOA etc. for a specified domain.

How Do I Use DNS Lookup?

Fill in the Domain address/name Select DNS Type Click on Convert and watch your result displayed in an instant.

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