Lua Beautifier

LUA Beautifier

What is LUA Beautifier? LUA Beautifier is an online tool that is used by programmers and developers it is used to easily and quickly format and beautify ugly or unformatted LUA Data. It also makes it easy to share and save LUA data.

What is LUA?

Lua is a form of programming language that is made up of features that can be extended to fit all sorts of problems. It can also be described as a scripting language.

Functions of LUA Beautifier?

LUA Beautifier is used for the following : It is used to format unformatted or ugly LUA Data It makes formatting LUA data easy and fast If functions properly on LInux Mac Windows and other java supported browsers It enables the the loading of the LUA code URL to be beautified

How To Use LUA Beautifier

Step 1: Input your data in the box located on the left side Step 2: Click on the format button Step 3: Wait for your result

Example of Lua

Lua data Try it.

Rect = {area = 0, length = 0, breadth = 0}

function Rect:new (o,length,breadth)
   o = o or {}
   setmetatable(o, self)
   self.__/ = self
   self.length = length or 0
   self.breadth = breadth or 0
   self.area = length*breadth;
   return o

function Rect:printRect ()
   print("The calculated Area of Rect:  ",self.area)

For Advanced Users

Lua External URL

Load Lua External URL in Browser URL like this https://www.fancytextconverter.com/lua-beautifier?url=external-url


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