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JSON Validator Online

JSON stands for Javascript Object notation. JSON is used for various function one of which is sharing and saving data in a readable format JSON Validator is an online tool that is used to validate JSON data. What this simply means is that it is used to check the authenticity of a JSON data it checks for errors and it corrects it if theres any and it also ensures that a JSON file is structured following the given rules of the structure of a JSON file.

Uses Of JSON Validator

JSON Validator can be used for the following purposes: It makes it easy to validate JSON data and to check for errors that needs to be addressed It functions perfectly on java supported browsers such as CHROME FIREFOX WINDOWS and the others. It is used to upload the JSON file to be validated It is used to load the URL of the JSON file to be validated

How To Make Use of JSON Validator

STEP 1: Input your data into the first box provided STEP 2: Click on the Validate JSON button STEP 3: Wait for your result to be displayed STEP 4: Download or copy your result or do with it as desired.