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Case Converter Online

Case Converter is a tool used to easily change any text character to either Upper Case Lower Case Title Case or even Sentence Case.

The Importance of Case Converter

Case Converter helps save time and easily convert any text character to any preferred case. Case Converter gives room for loading the text date URL which in turn loads text and changes to either Upper Case or Lower Case. You can easily enter the URL button and submit. Case Converter allows for changing Cases of characters from files by easily uploading the file. Case Converter Online is compatible with MAC Windows Firefox Chrome Safari and Edge among others. Instances of Case Converter Text with Multicase Hello How do you do? Text after Upper Case HELLO HOW DO YOU DO?

Case Converter Generator Tool

As mentioned earlier the Case Converter helps change the online text tools between lower case and upper case. The Case Converter has different tools to perform these tasks. They include the sentence case converter among others. Let’s take a quick look at them.

The Sentence Case Converter

Sentence Case Converter helps users to paste texts and automatically change them to a structured sentence that is fully and readily formed. It helps to capitalize the first letter in each sentence just like the rule of most languages. It then changes the rest of the remaining text to lowercase and transforms every ‘i’ to ‘I’. Also every letter that follows a full stop gets converted to uppercase as it should.

The Lower Case

The lowercase simply helps to uncapitalize text with the lowercase text converter tool. This tool changes every letter in a text into lowercase. You can easily do this by simply copying the text and pasting it into the lowercase tab.

The Upper Case%% The upper case converter simply transforms every letter of text to the upper case. It keeps all letters already in upper case as they are and changes lower case letters to upper case. You can simply achieve this by selecting the text that needs to be changed and paste it into the provided box then enter the UPPER CASE tab.

The Capitalized Case Converter

The capitalize case converter works to automatically transform every beginning letter of words in a text into upper case and leaves the others as lowercase. To do this you can simply select the content needed for this activity paste in the provided box and enter the Capitalized Case tab.

The Alternating Case Converter

This tool allows users to change text; regardless of its format to text that alternates between upper and lowercase. You get a capital letter followed by a small letter concurrently within a word. Example; McDoNaLd Is In ToWn.

The Title Case Converter

This is a unique tool for users to find the perfect way to title an essay. The title case helps to correct letters and capitalize the necessaries in a context of a title. Just as the rule of English says only content words are to be capitalized not everyone is familiar with this rule. The Title case helps capitalize content words in a title. The Small Text Generator The small text generator changes normal size text into smaller text. It typically changes the font of a text to a much smaller font.

The Wide Text Generator

Just as the name implies the wide text generator basically helps to widen the words of a text. Your text looks as though it has more space within the letters and words.

The Strikethrough Text Generator

This tool simply helps to cross out your text. Once you copy paste and select the strikethrough text generator tool your text will immediately be crossed as if you cancel it out.

The Reverse Text Generator

This tool simply reverses your text from back to front. It simply gets flipped and brings all letters from the back to start from the front.

The Upside down Text Generator

Also as the name implies this tool simply turns your text upside down just as you will see it from a mirror. It helps to flip your text upside down and one will have to change the position of a device to read it successfully.

The Morse Code Translator

A morse code translator is a form of translator that changes morse code messages into simple English and vice versa. What’s more? You also get an audio player that comes with it to listen to.

The Binary Code Translator

This tool simply translates binary code into English and vice versa. The Bold Text Generator helps to easily bold out text online. To do this you can simply type out the text into the box and enter the Bold Text Generator.

The Italic Text Converter

This tool automatically changes the font of a text to italics. You can simply type out standard text and enter the Italic text tool your text will be italicised immediately. The Underline Text Generator You can simply underline yours with the underline text generator. Once you paste and achieve the process successfully you can copy and paste the underlined text anywhere you wish to.

The Unicode Text Converter

This tool has a number of fonts to choose from. You can choose whichever suits your taste with the Unicode text converter.

Example of Case Converter

Text with MultiCase Try it.

Hi, How are you?

Text after Upper Case


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