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Unix Timestamp Converter

Unix Timestamp Converter is an intuitive and powerful online tool that is used to convert Unix timestamps and human-readable times. Unix time is useful for developers and computer scientists because it represents a constant measure of time across time zones.

Unix Timestamp Conversions

Given that the Unix timestamp is based on the second we can make some quick conversions for easy human readability: 1 Minute: 60 seconds 1 Hour: 3600 seconds 1 Day: 86400 seconds 1 Week: 604800 seconds 1 Month: 2629743 seconds (30.44 days on average) 1 Year: 31556926 seconds (365.24 days) There is one event associated with Unix Timestamps and it is known as the January 2038 problem.

The January 2038 Problem

Because the Unix timestamp uses an unsigned 32-bit integer it does have a maximum of time that can be counted before the number rolls over into a negative number. Based on current Unix time the rollover time will be 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038. This is similar to the “Y2K” problem in 1999. There is currently no universal agreed-upon solution to this problem with Unix timestamps. However many possible solutions have been proposed over the years.

How Do I Convert Date to Timestamp?

Enter the date that you want to work on Click on the Convert button to get the desired result. How Do I Convert Timestamp to Date? Enter the timestamp code that you wish to work on. Click on the Convert button to get the desired result.