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GIF Splitter is a unique online tool that anyone can use and access as long as there is a computer and internet connection. It is used to convert animated images into individual frames for editing and viewing purposes. GIF Splitter can be used for both personal and professional use. Let’s take a quick look at the meaning of GIF.

What is GIF

? GIF is a form of a short video that is quite popular in this modern world. These GIFs can be used to convey emotions like happiness sadness anxiety and other forms of expression. This tool can also be used to break down animated GIFs into several individual frames. Also with GIF Splitter users can share GIFs with others.

The Features of the GIF Splitter

GIF Splitter works to create frame-by-frame extracted from the already developed GIF from the developer. GIF Splitter allows for GIF file uploading which creates several frames to detect edges invert colors and also settle for black and white. GIF Splitter also extracts Frames from external URLs. You can simply do this by uploading the URL and entering the GIFs. This tool allows users to save their preferred frame from the generated list of frames.

How the GIF Splitter Works

The GIF Splitter works in browsers and also makes use of JavaScript code to extract Frame and GIF files. The GIF Splitter does not send GIF data to the server.

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