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Time Converter

This is an online tool used by individuals to convert from one time unit to another. It is used to convert between hours minutes seconds nanoseconds microseconds milliseconds days weeks months and years. A time unit converter can help you find the answer to your simple conversion so you don’t have to use formulas to calculate time difference manually.

What Are The Time Units?

1000 nanoseconds = 1 microsecond 1000 microseconds = 1 millisecond 1000 millisecond = 1 second 60 seconds = 1 minute 60 minutes = 1 hour 24 hours = 1 Day 7 Days = 1 Week 4 Weeks = 1 Month 12 Months/365 Days = 1 Year 366 Days = A Leap Year 10 Years = A Decade 100 Years = A Century 1000 Years = A Millenium

How Do I Use The Time Converter?

Type in the time you wish to convert Click on Convert and watch the result displayed in an instant.