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What is MXML Viewer

MXML Viewer is an online tool used for quick and easy conversion it is used to mostly convert MXML files. MXML files originally developed by Macromedia and later acquired by Adobe are a type of files that contains XML encoded data defining actionscript and also static data for a Flash based app’s user interface. They are usually opened with softwares like Flex.

Uses of MXML Viewer

MXML Viewer can be used to convert MXML files into TXT PDF JPG and DOCX MXML Viewer makes MXML file conversion easier faster and accurate.

How to Convert MXML Files Using MXML Viewer

Step 1: Click on “choose your .mxml file to view” Step 2: The mxml file will be displayed in the browser Step 3: Click on :”SAVE AS” at the top of the page Step 4: Go ahead to choose your preferred format be it PDF TXT DOCX or JPG Step 5: Your files will be converted and downloaded after following the instructions above.