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What is LUA? Lua is a form of programming language that is made up of features that can be extended to fit all sorts of problems. It can also be described as a scripting language. While LUA Minifier is a type of online tool that is widely used by programmers or individuals to Minify or compress the dimension of a LUA Script

Functions Of LUA Minifier

LUA Minifier can be used for the following purposes: It is used to minify or compress the size of a LUA script It makes it easy and quick to minify a LUA script It can be used to upload the LUA script to be minified It functions properly on WINDOWS CHROME FIREFOX and other java supported browsers It can also be used to load the URL of the LUA code to be minified

How To USe LUA Minifier

Step 1: Input your data into the box loc\ted on the left side Step 2: Click on the Minify LUA button Step 3: Wait for your result

Example of Lua

Lua data Try it.

Rect = {area = 0, length = 0, breadth = 0}

function Rect:new (o,length,breadth)
   o = o or {}
   setmetatable(o, self)
   self.__/ = self
   self.length = length or 0
   self.breadth = breadth or 0
   self.area = length*breadth;
   return o

function Rect:printRect ()
   print("The calculated Area of Rect:  ",self.area)

For Advanced Users

Lua External URL

Load Lua External URL in Browser URL like this https://www.fancytextconverter.com/lua-minifier?url=external-url