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Broken Link Checker

A broken link checker is an online tool used by developers and programmers to find broken malicious and dead links on websites in an instant. Broken Links are those links that shows messages such as “Error 404” and “Gateway Error” and it occurs when the owner of the website makes some modifications or page removal from a website. These links are not good for a website and must be resolved and pointed to correct the URL.

How Does Broken Link Problem Arise?

Broken Links arise because of some reasons and they include; Spelling error in the link. Grammatical mistakes in the link. Reformation of the websites. change of ISP.

How Do I Detect Broken Links?

Broken links can be fixed by using our free broken link checker. The links can be detected by pasting your website URL in the Enter URL box and clicking on Get Broken Links to get your result. Our tool has a user-friendly interface and it will surely make your experience worthwhile.