Fuel Consumption


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Fuel Converter

Fuel Converter is a tool used when converting between different units of measurement for fuels. Fuels are typically measured in units of volume mass or energy content and different countries and industries may use different units of measurement. Some common units of measurement for fuels and their corresponding conversion factors are: Volume: liters (L) gallons (gal) cubic meters (m3) cubic feet (ft3). Mass: kilograms (kg) pounds (lb) metric tons (t) short tons (ST). Energy content: joules (J) kilojoules (kJ) megajoules (MJ) gigajoules (GJ) British thermal units (BTU) therms.

How to Use the Fuel Converter

Determine the units you want to convert From and To Select the type of fuel to be converted. The fuel type may be gasoline diesel or natural gas Enter the value that is to be converted and select the units to be converted from and to Click on the Convert button and watch your results displayed in an instant