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HTML Table Generator Online

HTML Table Generator works to generate HTML table code which can be pasted in HTML form. HTML tables are one way to organize data in chronological order and a ready-made way for web browsers. The HTML code is simple and easy to use which is great even for beginners.

What is an HTML Table?

An HTML Table is useful for showing tabular data on websites. It usually consists of rows and columns with each cell containing a different piece of data. Moreso tables can be created by using the table element available in the box. This feature defines the rows by using the elements and the cells. Moreover there are also other elements that add headings and captions to the table. This means that it can be shaped to one’s taste. The tables can be styled by using CSS to change their looks.

The Features of the HTML Table Generator

HTML Table Generator works to generate an HTML code table by selecting all the attributes of the table like the columns colors rows etc. This tool uniquely creates tables with th tr and td thanks to the availability of CSS properties. HTML Table Generator is compatible with MAC Windows Linux Firefox Chrome Edge and Safari among others.